Matters of the Heart

If you looked at my last blog post, you might come to the conclusion that I’ve been “slacking” on blog posts. If only you knew the truth….

I’m not one for details so I’ll cut to the chase. This is NOT (emphasis on NOT) a post intended to make whoever reads this feel “bad”, “sorry for”, etc. I’m not one for attention and I do not look for sympathy in others; furthermore, I even debated writing (or in this case typing) this snippet. It is for a purpose at the end of this post so please be patient.

I’m just a 24 year old college student taking 15 credits in Psychology with sights set on finally gettingmy second degree in Fall of 2017. There are people taking harder classes and more credit hours than I am. There are people who are working and going to school full time. There are a people who have a child and work and s


It’s the last day of Feburary which means it’s the last day of American Heart Association Month. It’s also the end of yet another month that my family welcomes. We welcome the start of a new month with my father.

I’m very lucky to still have my father. After three heart attacks and dying for under a minute (they brought him back at the last try with the padels), they gave my five years to live. That was when I was five years old. Fast forward to turning 24 (well that went by fast…) on the 20th of this month, he is still here with us. Combined with medication and lifestyle changes, he improved. Fast forward to a couple of years ago, he is a Stage IV Colon Cancer survior and had Skin Cancer (just two main points besides a few). He was in remission and stable. All the more reason why last November was the scariest month of my life: my father collasped being diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Through intensive tests, tormenting nights, dreary nightmare days knowing at any moment he could take his last breath…he had heart surgery. He is n


ow recovering and we’re onto our next health journey with a biopsy coming up. That saying you may have heard, “hen it rains, it pours” is true.

You learn a lot during a crisis. You learn who is all talk and who will really be there for you with no questions asked. You learn that life moves on, too. Despite doubts, I made it through the semester with a 3.8 GPA. GPA’s didn’t matter (and yes, I’m going to say that they still don’t) at that time though. All the little things we seem to think are monumental (i.e. no plans all weekend, not being invited to a party….the examples are never ending), mean nothing if what you love comes crashing down. You always think something won’t happen to you. When it does, it makes even the most mundane tasks seem euphoric. Now, let me express again how a surplus of other people have it worse. Have you stopped and thought about if just one of the people you passed by on the street was going through something horrific (i.e.dying, etc.)? You never know who has a story to tell. Treat everyone with respect and be patient. Empathy is the general term I’m aiming at, people…

On that November night when I suddenly awoke to my father gasping and our eyes locked- my Sympathetic Nervous System ca


me buzzing to life making my whole body shake while I ran outside in the mid 40’s temperature with nothing but m

chool….you get the picture. I try to keep a daily mindset that there is always someone with a heavier load. Espeically when you throw in other contributing factors.

y thin pj’s on to flag down the ambulance… felt like I was moving in a slow action dream. Live each day with a grateful heart. That is all for now. ~



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