Hurricane Matthew aaannnddd OCD Week 2016

Starting October 9th continuing until October 15th, OCD Week 2016 came and went for me. Did I hang up banners around campus? No. Did I join in on the social media activities? No. Did I “share” or “like” any photos relating to OCD Week and it’s cause? No. Did I take a picture of myself holding up the OCD awareness printout posting it on social media?……………….wait for it……………….No. And that’s okay because my family, myself, and the rest of the main southeastern United States was getting a weather storm consisting of wind and rain called Hurricane Matthew.

Luckily for us, we got away with a little bit of damage. Others weren’t so lucky. So many others. Tornadoes touched down, houses burned, flooding came up just beneath my hips, and more. Lately there has been strong weather occurrences in the country- and other countries as well like the Caribbean and Pacific.

It’s an experience full of learning opportunities to see how you and the people around you react to it. People are fascinating because they’re unpredictable. You may think you know someone and then BAM! They surprise you. Isn’t it odd how people come together during tough circumstances as opposed to people always looking the other way? Why are people more accepting of differences and the ways of others during times of need? These questions rattled me during roughing out Hurricane Matthew. My whole block came together as one helping whenever seemed fit. I heard- and still hear- heartwarming stories of humanity that occurred during the storm. Here’s a thought: There is always someone out there who has it worse than you. With that thought being said, it’s slightly easier to face your obstacles day by day. Everyone has obstacles they face whether it be minor or major.

During Hurricane Matthew, my OCD was still evident, but added on new layers in the forms of additional worries and obsessions. One question still lingers:

Does OCD really matter in dire straits?

I don’t think it does. When the back fence of my house was getting ready to smash into one of our back windows, an obsession and compulsion was not going through my mind. With this being said, why does it go through my mind when a scary situation is not unfolding before me? Why does it switch like that? Maybe by next OCD Awareness week I will know the answer to that. Until then, here’s to being thankful. OCD and all.



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